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October 7, 2004 by d3adz0mbie
Oil for food. The loophole in international sanctions against Iraq. Four years ago it seemed like a great idea, trading Iraq's natural resource for food for it's citizens in the face of strict international sanctions. Two years ago, Russia, France, Germany and others STRONGLY oppose the USA invading Iraq. Two years ago, these same countries wanted to lift sanctions.

Now we know what was actually happening. These only diplomacy these countries were conducting was a dimplomacy of greed.

October 7, 2004 by d3adz0mbie
I see alot of people going back and forth about the war in Iraq, alot of people that don't understand North Korea or Iran, and it's really time that this very straightforward international dimplomacy be laid out in terms EVERYONE can understand. US diplomacy under the current administration follows a clear three step path that is easy to follow.

STEP ONE. Unilateral talks. This involves the USA discussing policy with another country in a one on one manner. Most countries in the world engage ...
October 5, 2004 by d3adz0mbie
Electoral Vote: Kerry=200, Bush=321
Welcome to the Republic. Not certain what I mean? Let's take a trip through a document I happen to cherish, the Constitution of the United States of America. The relevant sections read as follows...

Article IV Section 4 of the Constitution states: "The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion; and on Application of the Legislature, or of the Executive (when ...
October 5, 2004 by d3adz0mbie
Tonight we look forward to a debate between John Edwards, psychic trial lawyer, and Vice President Cheney, known for his stoic business sense. Here's what I think you can expect:

If you aren't bored or lost by intelligent conversation, Cheney will win this. Known for being 'boring', Cheney sticks to the topic and descibes it in an intelligent, thoughtful manner. It seems this loses many people who probably just don't understand the complexity of his discussion.

If you want to know what Pre...
October 5, 2004 by d3adz0mbie
Not so much a blog today, but just a few things that need repeating for the general public.

1.) Goodbye tax cuts. The extra $2000 a year base return I get from Bush's cuts will go bye-bye. That is if Kerry doesn't change his current position.

2.) Hello tax increases. As a small business owner, Kerry has promised to target me for a tax increase. I wonder if he cares what thats going to do to my three childrens future? Being a wealthy aristocrat, probably not. Kerry promises to spend, spend ...
September 30, 2004 by d3adz0mbie
Hunter S. Thompson must think he has triumphed. The pill-popping radical journalist of the 70's who believes "The Bush administration is a heap of Nazi sh*t."* should be firing off a few machine gun rounds in joy at CBS's ceaseless spin machine against the Bush administration. CBS's recent journey into politics could be taken straight out of one of Dr.Thompsons novels, complete with Hollywood starlights, ominous figures, bondage videos and an attempt by an American Corporation to undo the re-el...
September 30, 2004 by d3adz0mbie
In these trying times of a world at war, serious political issues at home and abroad, I would vote for John Kerry this November.

First, and most importantly to me, he would get the French to commit troops to Iraq. I'm serious, he would. Democratic National Committee strategist Howard Wolfson, a close advisor to the Kerry campaign, told the US that Kerry would bring the French to commit troops, so I believe it will happen. As we Americans know, because of our debt to General Lafayette, the Fre...
September 27, 2004 by d3adz0mbie
Please read the FULL post before leaving a comment.

My anscestors hail from Scotland and Germany. At 5'11", 215lbs I have icey blue eyes and wavey blonde hair. At first glance I am the physical sumation of the Aryian ideal. To compliment this genetic cocktail I was raised in the southern USA (Texas, specifically), thus branding me a "redneck".

I am a racist, and you might be one too.

Let's take a step back 20 years ago to one fine summer morning. I woke up and discovered a terrible itch...
September 23, 2004 by d3adz0mbie
Today was going to be either my unique perspective on racism in America, or a list of reasons why you don't like me, but there's a modicum of alzheimers running rampant on the political left these days, and it's time someone ranted a little about it.

To every supporter of Kerry, to every left wing person with an agenda, to every single person that hates the US President I ask this simple question, "Have you forgotten what the 09/11 attacks did to the US economy?" If you don't, pay attention, ...
September 22, 2004 by d3adz0mbie
Truthfully, the US led global forces did invade Iraq for the oil, but not in the way most conspiracy theorists' would claim. It is because of oil that Saddams direct link to terrorism can be shown, but again, not in the way conspiracy theorists' would claim. Let me explain.

In 1979, just after taking firm control of the Iraqi government, Saddam realized that he could extend his power by taking control of a single resource, oil. To begin this goal of extended global influence, Saddam set his s...
September 21, 2004 by d3adz0mbie
First, I have to say genocide is bad. Hitler, Stalin and Pol Pot visited unimaginable horrors upon the world. Each of these monsters deserve any retribution they receive in the afterlife. That having been said, let's talk about cleaning out the gene pool a little.

We had a new alarm installed in our home last month. Motion sensors, contact sensors, even a remote and gas sensors were installed (we're not paranoid, we just had a nasty CO2 leak when we moved in that almost killed us). So we as...
September 20, 2004 by d3adz0mbie
It's heart breaking to watch a project I've put alot of effort in burn to the ground, but that's exactly what's happening at Aqua-Soft.org. A site devoted to emulating the OSX GUI on Windows OS's, it's had a good life. There's a list of problems at the site, yet one issue keeps coming back again and again, and I fear this will eventually kill the site forever. The site keeps violating copyright, and after four years the site may have months, or at best, days to live.

One of the biggest proble...
September 19, 2004 by d3adz0mbie
This is just an average blog from an average zombie.

Watch this space.