Highlighting Kerry's naivity
Published on October 7, 2004 By d3adz0mbie In International
Oil for food. The loophole in international sanctions against Iraq. Four years ago it seemed like a great idea, trading Iraq's natural resource for food for it's citizens in the face of strict international sanctions. Two years ago, Russia, France, Germany and others STRONGLY oppose the USA invading Iraq. Two years ago, these same countries wanted to lift sanctions.

Now we know what was actually happening. These only diplomacy these countries were conducting was a dimplomacy of greed.

Saddam Hussein, working in league with representatives from the UN, was diverting resources from the Food for Oil program to buy off the UN and enrich himself. The Iraqi people only received a small percent of the actual food that was supposed to go to them. France, Germany, Russia and others were in turn BOUGHT OFF by Saddam to lift sanctions against Iraq and oppose the USA within the UN Security council. The only good thing about this scandal is that it is irrefutable by its complete documentation.

Kerry claims sanctions could have worked. Now we know they would NOT have worked. Kerry claims he could have created a stronger coallition. Now we know that this was impossible for ANY President, because potential allies were being bought off by Saddam left and right. It seems to me Kerry lives in a glass bubble, and thinks the world is striving towards his utopian dreams. How naive.

President Bush has once again been vindicated in his Iraq policy. The UN has once again shown it's uselessness. Will a second term Bush presidency have the courage to either withdraw from the UN or push for reform? Hopefully the American people will WAKE UP TO REALITY and give him a chance to show us.

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