Published on December 11, 2004 By d3adz0mbie In Misc
My wife has an aunt that is similar in age. The two grew up together and had some good times, and even to this day my wifes aunt is very close. And every Christmas, she's gotten us a unique blend of coffee. We love coffee, so this is ok. Heck, it's more than ok, it's become a singular point in the Christmas madness my wife and I look forward to. We love coffee so much we keep a backup coffee maker in case the main one breaks. We have grinders and precisely measured scoops, we keep our coffee refrigerated like a fine vintage wine and we have probably tried more exotic types of the mighty java bean than most people could imagine.
So imagine my horror when I got a phone call from my mother- in law today asking what we wanted our Aunt to get us for Christmas. Something about "she was certain we didn't want coffee again..." We don't want coffee? Who said that? Coffee for Christmas is like a Rudolph Christmas special, a standard, fixed thing you know you can count on. It makes the holidays. We WANT our coffee! PLEASE.

In this age of secular attacks on the holiday, taking Christ out of the season, please don't also make me fight for my coffee. Coffee and Christ? I might just lose it.
on Dec 11, 2004
The Horror!!!! ;~D

When I was younger I got into the habit of buying different bath soaps for my grandma. They were never anything exotic or rare, just whatever I found (and could afford) at a departmet store that I thought my grandma would like. As I got older, I thought that Grandma must be tired of knowing what she was going to get from me, year after year, so I the yearly bath soaps quit coming.

Years later, Grandma was in poor health, I was about to leave from a visit so I asked her if there was anything she needed, she had a (sadly rare) moment of recollection from the past. "Could you get me some more bath of those Christmas Bath soaps? I sure do miss those."

If Coffee from your wife's aunt helps make your Christmas, let her know. I'm sure she would love hearing that you appreciate her gesture, and you won't have to mourn yet another family Christmas (non traditional) tradition.
on Dec 11, 2004
Must have coffeee! Trying to get ahold of some Jamaican Blue Mountain for the holiday. MMMM pricey but so very good.
on Dec 11, 2004

What??  No coffee??  Noooooooo!!!!!  It won't be christmas without coffee!

My family tradition involves coffee and whiskey...I'll write a blog about it.

on Dec 11, 2004
Para, what a sweet story.

If Coffee from your wife's aunt helps make your Christmas, let her know

Being the shy and demure man Zombie is, he called you up immediately and threatened to write her out of the will if she didn't give us coffee!

Trying to get ahold of some Jamaican Blue Mountain for the holiday. MMMM pricey but so very good.

Very pricey, very good. Try They have this.

My family tradition involves coffee and whiskey


on Dec 11, 2004
GEvalia wants $25.00 for 8 oz. That is a little steep even for JBM. That and they grind a bit too fine. I have some nice Equadoran Organic from them that rocks too.
on Dec 11, 2004
So would this mean that your wife's aunt wants you to sleep in this christmas?
on Dec 11, 2004
Danny: I sleep in every day of my life. My normal hours of operation are: 5am-11am sleep. 11am-1pm coffee. 1pm-5am work/ game/ kids/ coffee.

And somewhere in all that I spend quality time with my wife.Friends and family that schedule events before noon shouldnt expect me to attend, because I only change my sleep schedule for my employeer, nobody else.

My schedule is so screwed up because my client/ soon-to-be employeer sends me work in the afternoons to have ready for the next morning. It's in his email box, ready to download and print, when he rolls into the office at 6am. It works out nice, because he can talk to his clients and take a project with the promise "I can have this for you in the morning." Most people do a project turn-around in 2-5 work days. Nobody else is set up like us, which is a big boon for our business.
on Dec 11, 2004
Works out well for Zombie, too, since he is a night owl