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December 17, 2004 by d3adz0mbie
I almost didn't write this article. The target of my attention probably doesn't deserve to have several paragraphs commited to him, much less a two word profanity which comes to mind whenever I read his writings. Still, there is a trend among certain left leaning bloggers to attack and run, and I have something I'd like to say to all of them.

Get a spine.

A spine, the column of hollow bone ringlets running from the base of the brain to the pelvis. That wondrous organic device that acts as ...
November 27, 2004 by d3adz0mbie
I know that I am opinionated, and sometimes harsh. I have little tolerance for dissenting points of view at times, and that is a character trait of mine that often offends, resulting in many of you blacklisting me.

So be it.

But if you have blacklisted me, you have also blacklisted iamheather, my wife, and I would ask you to take me off your list for her sake.

My time at JU has been somewhat reduced lately. You'll notice that my daily blogs are fewer and farther between, and its almost ...
November 8, 2004 by d3adz0mbie
November 5, 2004 by d3adz0mbie
Ok. Here it is. One more attempt at an olive branch... my blacklist has been cleared of everyone except Sir Peter Maxwell (who is suspended from JU anyway because everyone knows he's crazy).

Every registered blogger is entitled to reply to my articles if that is the choice I make when posting. I will remember that in the future and constrain myself accordingly.

Blog on my fellow JU's.
October 19, 2004 by d3adz0mbie
It's been a few weeks since I've joined at JU, and I just wanted to thank everyone for the great responses to my articles. It seems that in under a month I've been able to hit the top 100, and I attribute that entirely to YOU.

There are a few things I should probably admit to in case you haven't picked up on them yet...
1.) SOMETIMES I SAY OUTRAGEOUS THINGS. Thats right, just to cause controversy. Notice how abortion is a hot topic the past 24 hours? Thats me basically throwing out the murde...
October 8, 2004 by d3adz0mbie
Ive been posting on JoeUser now for a few weeks now, and Ive finally broken below the 200 rank. Yay for me.

But I still am not certain how all the features on this site work. For example:
I read other peoples blogs and they have custom links in their side bar. I try to add custom links under My Account and they dont show up. What gives?
How do I track blogs Ive responded to?
Whats this referral thing? Why is my only referral from Google?
Why do I sometimes lose points on my blog score (i...