Published on November 18, 2004 By d3adz0mbie In Misc
So my wife is on the PTO board. She also volunteers for fundraisers, goes out for coffee with friends, and basically does alot of things I'm not interested in. And sometimes, just because she likes me, she drags me along.

First it was holidays with the families. I see our families all year long. They make a point to stop in at least once a month. They're good people, I like them, but this usually means I have to do foreign things around the house, like shower. When Thanksgiving comes around, do I really need to drive 300 miles to see them? I guess so, because every year I have to leave the confines of my cave, shave, trim my nails, and dress somewhat nice to go see our relatives. Ug. Don't women realize we men are a step away from cavemen, and it's safe inside our cave? Roadtrip bad. Computer good. Ug.

This past month it was a logo for our kids elementary school yearbook. My wife, obviously proud of whatever talent she sees in me, decided to volunteer me to do the logo. This is a catch-22 for any (cave)man: refuse and you've embarassed your wife, the only other human in the world that can stand to be around you. Agree and you've opened up a world of possibilities to the things you can be included in. Like, maybe, dreaded PTO meetings! Or tea parties! I might have to talk to someone!

We (cave)men are pretty good at putting things together, mowing yards and slaying the corporate monsters to make a living. Thats about it. I've obviously set too high of a standard, and after nine years my wife still thinks better of me than she should. God bless her.

The moral to this story? My wife got her logo. I may be a caveman, but I'm no dummy. My wife likes me, for whatever reason, and I'm not going to to mess with that. After all, she's my wife, and that means something around these parts.

on Nov 18, 2004

nice logo.   and an accurate appraisal of the way it is.

just outta curiosity...what's the flipper elem school cheer?

on Nov 18, 2004
That's kinda sweet.

Maybe you should look at it as my Dad did? He worked long hours but still did the PTO instead of my mother as he wanted to have some impact on our lives outside of the home. Maybe this is a favour you've done for your kids?
on Nov 18, 2004
Maybe you should look at it as my Dad did?

I think thats the way he looks at it floozie...except he adds a bit of humor and a dash of sarcasm to taste!!!

great article mr man... your wife is one pretty dang lucky woman!
on Nov 18, 2004
except he adds a bit of humor and a dash of sarcasm to taste!!!

Oops. I really shouldn't respond to posts first thing in the morning, should I? *embarassed*
on Nov 18, 2004

I like the logo, but that is one damn big dolphin!  He must have the longest tail ever (or does the tail belong to a dolphin we can't see?.....If so, the PTO won't be amused )

At least your wife still has hopes for you and tries to get you to do school related activities.  I've given up on my caveman.  I just leave him to his pole barn.  I do make him go to his own family gatherings, though

on Nov 18, 2004

?.....If so, the PTO won't be amused

way tooo funny kg! 

on Nov 18, 2004
BTW the school is named after David "the bubble boy," and their slogan is like David "we touch the world." Thus, my husband's logo is brilliant.

I tried to be considerate of my (cave)man when making my request. I know he hates to go out, and he loves his computer. So, my request combined his love of staying home on the computer with helping out the school. Plus, how cool will our kids think it is to know Dad designed the school yearbook cover and next year's t-shirts.

We love ya, Dad!