Published on November 13, 2004 By d3adz0mbie In Humor
It is time for the truth.

What do Republicans actually stand for? What is our true agenda? Now all may be revealed...

By the ancient calander of our true masters, this day of Quiahuitl is the day of fate, within the month Acatl, or transition, in this year of Calli. Yes, today is the day of fateful transition for the west. Let all be revealed!
As Republicans, we belong to a general sub-order of the Secret Brotherhood. Break down the name, and the derivative latin is there for all to see! Re. Publi. Canis. We are the "refined dogs", or the foot soldiers of the New World Order. And we have achieved many of our goals this past week. Tremble as our Masonic truths are revealed:
Your 'choice' for a canidate was for either a Skull and Bones Brother or... a Skull and Bones Brother. Join us in celebrating the inauguration of a Skull and Bones Brother. Our very initiates lead you.
We oppose abortion. Because it conflicts with our goals of raising a massive army to defeat the Alpha Centarians.
We demand 'moral values'. Because they are the values we wrote and founded to control your mind, millenia ago.
We are against welfare. Only the strongest of human cattle will be fit to fight the Alpha Centarians.
America can do no wrong. It only does what we tell it to do. As do all countries.
James Carville is an Alpha Centarian. As is Howard Dean.
Bill Clinton is a puppet. His eventual nomination to the United Nations does not signal a New World Order. The New World Order has already existed for centuries.
Arnold Schwarzenegger is an Fraternitas Saturni Master, breed from secret cloning tanks located within the Alps.

Go forth and spread the glorious news! The Illuminati are revealed!
You belong to us. All hail the Ancient and Illuminated Seers!
on Nov 13, 2004
I knew it!
on Nov 13, 2004
Agent Wahine, you may shed your guise and join your fellow Custodians of the Plan! Democracy is defeated! Only the illumination remains!
on Nov 13, 2004
You are the dogs and we are your masters, the Discordians are your only hope against the Alpha Centurian threat, or do you wish for annihilation?
Bow down before your Discordian Pope Masters and prepare thyself for war with the Alpha Centurians or don't than lay down and prepare for death.

Let loose the "refined dogs" of war!!

Hail Hail Hail Hail Hail Eris Eris Eris Eris Eris!!
POEE Pope Grim Xiozan (True Discordian Name Mirg Nazoix of the Planet Omicron Persei 8)
Pope of Bio-Engineering and Cybernetics
on Nov 13, 2004
zombie: Thought you might like this one . . . my boys are prancing around the kitchen, singing "I eat berries, I drink pee, I am Frrrrrrrreeeeench!"