Published on November 10, 2004 By d3adz0mbie In Misc
I'm restless today. No idea why, maybe it's some of the flu medicine still in my system, maybe I've spent too much time inside my house. I don't know.
I'm pacing alot, going back and forth, forgetting what I was doing then starting something else. I've tried to sit down and write some insightful articles about Stardock, the oil peak and other things jumping around in my head, but they've all ended in failure - I can't write without rambling on and on and on.

See what I mean?

I hate this. Normally I'm pretty level headed, quick on the ball and all that. Not today.
on Nov 10, 2004
Enjoyed your crookedness while you can, you'll straighten out soon enough
on Nov 10, 2004
Hey if you aren't the levelheaded one in the house today, does that by default make me the sane one? I want to be the sane one, please....

If not, we are screwed and you better straighten up fast.
on Nov 10, 2004
Why does anyone have to be sane? Can't today be crazy day, when everyone is crazy and no one is sane?
on Nov 10, 2004
It's always crazy day around here... no sanity for my wife! None for you!