Published on November 1, 2004 By d3adz0mbie In Humor
All hail to you, Grim Xozian, champion of the mighty bird! May your eggs gleam with might, and your crows be feared by those you would roost upon.
May your feathers smite down all who would stand before your awesome span.
May your beak, sharp and just, deliver vindication for those that have been plucked by miscreant bloggers, for the claw is mighter than [space] bar.

Supplicants of Grim Xozian, partake in praising the leader of the avian revolution now! Caw his song across the plains and to the rafters of every roof!
on Nov 01, 2004
Rise up in your zeal and exalt the Xozian!
on Nov 01, 2004
Please repost the link since my other comp is down. (of course the one with my bookmarks)