Published on October 8, 2004 By d3adz0mbie In Blogging
Ive been posting on JoeUser now for a few weeks now, and Ive finally broken below the 200 rank. Yay for me.

But I still am not certain how all the features on this site work. For example:
I read other peoples blogs and they have custom links in their side bar. I try to add custom links under My Account and they dont show up. What gives?
How do I track blogs Ive responded to?
Whats this referral thing? Why is my only referral from Google?
Why do I sometimes lose points on my blog score (in increments of 2)?

And most importantly, why was Sir Peter Maxwell banned before he had the time needed to respond to my pointed reply to one of his asinine blogs?

If you have answers, any help you can give would be greatly appreciated.

on Oct 08, 2004
It's ok I'm a JU n00b too, but I shall attempt to answer some of your questions....though I'll probably be wrong on most of them, ahh I'm so helpful!

on Oct 08, 2004
Sorry please delete the above comment I pressed post comment by I said n00b. I had a problem with the custom link thing too. I found if as soon as you log on to JU the first page you click on is your account, the option will show up. Then it basically walks you through it....I hope that made sense!

Referrals is people who have done searches for certain things and your blog has shown up under the search. So google showed up because someone did a search on google, something in your article was relevant to that search, and they clicked on your blog, hence a referral.

You lose points because someone has trolled one of your comments. You lose two points for getting a troll, and you gain two points for getting an insightful. Depending on the level of blogger that trolled you.

I hope someone else answers these in amore effective manner. I'm sorry! I tried....
on Oct 08, 2004
Also, if you go into the "Forum" view, blog entries that you've read or posted on show up different icons on the left-hand side than ones you haven't looked at.
on Oct 09, 2004
You explained it well, Sally. And I've been here since January and had no idea about what cithellion said!
When you read a blog in the forums there are three symbols on the buttom. One is for quotes, the other is for editing and one is for tracking. If you click on the tracking one, it will go into your watch thread. On your home page, there's a button you can click that will take you to the articles you're watching and sometimes they send you an email to let you know someone has posted to it.

I was sorry to see Sir Peter go. There are different stories about why he was banned. But you know, you can still argue with him on his site.

And welcome!
on Oct 10, 2004
I wonder why you deleted my comment challenging you to debate with me? Perhaps because you are incapable of debate because you are inbred?

Was it too "pointed" for your peasant mind?